Feeding your baby is hungry work.

- Campos Catering Works

Dear Chris & Kellie,

Dinner is on us! Plus you never have to leave the house. Cooked in your home by Chef Vanessa. Simply select from the mouthwatering menu below and email your choices to vanessa@chefvanessa.com by Sunday night at 8pm.

Cheers! The Campos Team



Bacon Potato Soup 5 m

Pimento Chorizo Mac and Cheese 35m

Chorizo Stuffed Sweet Potatoes w Baked Eggs 20m

Cauliflower Steaks w Bacon and Beer Cheese Sauce 20m

Corn Cakes w Bacon and Turmeric Yogurt 10m

Ham and Cheese Pizza 20m

Adobo Marinated Chops and Mash 10m

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast w Squash 35m

Pineapple Soy Pork Tenderloin 25m

Pan Seared Pork Medallions w Mash 10m

Dijon Orange Tenderloin 25m

Pulled Pork Salad or Sandwiched 10m

Milk Braised Pork Shoulder 45m or crock pot

Parmesan Grits w Bacon & Asparagus 5m

Bacon Split Pea Soup 5m

Vietnamese Pork Chops with Ginger Rice 10 min

Bacon Mac n Cheese 35m



Marinated Boneless Chicken with Root Vegetables 40min

Ground Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 5m

Chicken Posole 5m

Harissa Roasted Eggplant with Minced Chicken 5m

Ginger Marinated Thighs w Cucumber Carrot Salad 15 or 40 min

Dijon Tarragon Breasts w Roasted Squash 20 min

Chicken Burgers w Thin Buns and Pickled Carrots 10min

Roasted Sumac Chicken w Cauliflower and Carrots 40m

Chicken Stuffed w Ricotta and Spinach and Zucchini 35 m

Chicken Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Kale 35m

Chicken in Low Fat Creamy Mushroom Sauce w pasta 15 min

Chicken with Romesco Sauce and Pasta 15 min

Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup with Chicken 5m

Thighs with Cabbage Dill Salad 20m

Italian Chicken w Polenta 15 min

Turmeric Chicken and Chickpea Soup 10m

Bacon Wrapped Breast w Pecans & Chard 25m

Herb Breast and Yellow Squash Soup with Parmesan 15m

Chicken Meatball and Tortellini Soup 10 min

Chicken Cutlets and Cauliflower 20 min

Curried Thighs w Peanuts and Rice 5m

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna w Ground Chicken and Spinach 10m

Italian Parmesan Soup with Shredded Breast 10 min

Green Goddess Chicken and Kale Salad 15m

Jambalaya 5m

Chicken, Bacon and Potato Soup 5m

Tortilla Soup 10m

Chicken Avocado Romaine Salad w Honey Lime Vinaigrette

Thighs to grill with Creamed Spinach 20m

Oven Fried Chicken w Pesto and Polenta 10m or 50min (reheat or bake)


Steak to grill w Parsley and Celery Salad and Buttermilk Dressing 15m

Hamburger Steaks w Mushroom Gravy 15m

Ground Beef Potpie w Cheddar Biscuits 5m

Beef and Black Bean Tacos 10m

Posole w Ground Beef Meatballs 10m

Carmelized Onion Burgers w Sweet Corn Guacamole 15m

Stuffed Bell Peppers w Rice and Tomato Sauce 45m

Chorizo Pimento Mac and Cheese 45m or 5min

Dijon Orange Flank Steak and Broccoli 20m

Steak Fajitas and Cilantro Black Beans 10m

Beef Stew w Potatoes, Carrots and Parsnips 1hr

Blue Cheese Burgers with Corn Relish 10m

Chinese Short Ribs and Rice crock pot 2-3hrs

Skirt Steak w Creamed Spinach 15m




Turkey Posole 5m

Turkey Asparagus and White Bean Stir Fry & Rice 5m

Turmeric Turkey Burgers and Buns 15m

Turkey Meatballs w Polenta 5m

Turkey Cabbage Rolls 35m or 5m

Green Goddess w Browned Ground Turkey and Romaine Salad 5m

Turkey Dirty Rice 5 m

Mostly Veggie Pasta w Sausage 15m

Asian Stir Fry w Peanuts and Rice 15 min

Green Chile Tortilla Soup 5 min

Turkey Meatballs w Curry Cauliflower and Yogurt 5m

Lemony White Bean and Arugula Salad w Turkey Burgers 10m

Pasta Sausage Peas and Pesto 10m

Turkey Sandwiches w Kimchi Slaw and Miso sauce 5m

Turkey Cheeseburgers w Cranberry Creme Fraiche 10m




Ground Lamb & Peas Keema 5 min

Moroccan Spiced Lamb & Rice 5m

Moroccan Lamb and Pine Nut Couscous 5m

Rosemary Garlic Lamb Chops 10m

Turmeric Burgers w Napa Cabbage Slaw 10m

Kabobs 10m

Green Chile Lamb Burgers w Buns 10m

Lamb Chops w Yogurt sauce 10m


Broiled Salmon w Lemon 5m

Supercharged Salmon Salad 5m

Crispy Tuna Cakes 10m

Zucchini Shrimp Cakes w Snap Pea Relish 15m

Shrimp Fajitas and Tortillas 5m

Blackened fish and Cucumber Sandwiches 10m

Herb Salmon w Zucchini and Peas 15m

Salmon Cakes w Aioli 20m

Soy Ginger Salmon w Napa Cabbage Slaw 20m

Salmon Avocado Salad w Passionfruit (or Mango) Vinaigrette

Smoky Maple Glazed Salmon & Peas 20m

Lemon Dijon Salmon w Wedge Salad w Lemon Dressing 15m

Blistered Green Beans w Feta and Walnuts and Fish 15m

Shrimp, Tomato, Spinach Pasta w Garlic Butter 5m

Skinny Shrimp Alfredo w Pasta 5m

Miso Glazed Salmon and Slaw 20m

Garlic Shrimp Pasta Stir Fry 10m

Spicy Shrimp w Tomato Garlic Sauce 5 m

Creamy Coconut Shrimp and Mushrooms 5m

Lemon Angel Hair Pasta w Shrimp 5m

Crispy Potato Cakes w Smoked Salmon 15m

Quinoa Crusted Fish Nuggets w Tartar sauce 20m




Quinoa and Roasted Pepper Chili 5m

Fall Veggie Curry 5m

Celery Root Puree w Almond Mint Gremolata 5m

Chickenpea Meatballs w Crunchy Romaine Salad 10m

Veggie "Meat" loaf 45m

Date Olive and Goat Cheese Tart 35m

Roasted Butternut Squash and Sticky Walnut Topping 5m

Cheesy Vegetable Tart 5m

Manchego Mac and Cheese 20m

Thai Sweet Potato Bowls 5m

Roasted Root Vegetable Cakes 10m

Wild Rice Medley and Spinach Stuffed Peppers 35 min

Szechuan Tofu w Cauliflower Rice 5m

Pea Papardelle Pasta 5m

Summer Veggie Grain Bowls 5m

Feta Herbs and Edamame Succotash

Zucchini, Tomato and Potato Pie 35 min

Felafel Pita Sliders 10m

Butternut Squash Chile Verde 10 m

Chickpeas with Spiced Carrots, Dates and Pistachios 5m

Lentil Shepherd's Pie 40m or 5m

Mushroom Meatloaf w Mushroom Gravy 35m or 10m

Citrusy Beet and Goat Cheese Chickpea Salad

Miso Roasted Cauliflower with Garlic Bread 10m

Shiitake and Asparagus Sautee w Poached Eggs 10m

Mini Mozzerella and Kale Pizzas 25m

Penne w Roasted Squash & Pumpkin Seed Pesto 15m

Beans and Greens Soup 5m

Creamy Carrot and Lemongrass Soup w/ Spinach Salad 5m

Smoky Lentil and Greens Soup 5

Shiitake Mushroom, Leek and Sesame Noodles 20m

Roasted Ratatoullie w Honey Polenta 10m

Cauliflower Chard and Lentil Stew

Mushroom Arugula Pizzas 25m

Black Eyed Pea Salad 5m

Tofu Lemongrass Curry 10m

Smoky Eggplant w Scallion Oil and Rice 10m

Zucchini Ricotta Tart 5m

Spinach Mushroom Lasagna 40 m

Moroccan Cauliflower Salad w Dried Apricots, Pistachios and Green Onion 5m

White Bean Soup w Crispy Brussel Sprouts 5m

Cheesy Broccoli Gratin 50m or 10m

Supreme Veggie Pizza 25m