Is it a miracle that we’ve been in this business 25 years, producing innovative events through massive technological shifts, without being bought out, or just falling apart?


It’s our creativity, passion, dedication, and charm.



A Look at the Lifers:

You know you're doing something right when you work together longer than some of your employees have been alive, and there hasn't been a murder.


 1st Employee  Lori Rice

1st Employee

Lori Rice

 19.5 Years  Joh Koppel

19.5 Years

Joh Koppel

 21 Years  Ayn altman

21 Years

Ayn altman


Not all of our staff were executing world-class events in 1993...

New Polaroid 2.jpg

Campos was cool in the 90s and we’re still cool now. Honestly, we think we’re in pretty good company.

Pokemon, Polaroid, and the X-Files all made major comebacks in the past year; Campos, of course, was cool the whole time (the truth is out there)


To stay on the cutting edge for 25 years we’ve had to evolve a lot, and our logo has evolved with us.


25 years of #1 hits.

Just like our resume.


Rita: This day was perfect. You couldn't have planned a day like this.

Phil: Well, you can. It just takes an awful lot of work.

- Groundhog Day, 1993