This year at Campos we decided to take the initiative and do our bit for making the world a better place. We participated in the program run by Sustainable Works and the City of Santa Monica to become a certified green business.

We have always outlined sustainable guidelines in our employee handbook, and incorporated green office strategies in our everyday work life. It was so interesting to see how much of the waste produced could be composted and recycled – soon it turned into an internal competition about who can classify their trash correctly into the bins!

After qualifying for SoCal Edison’s Direct Install Program, we replaced our inefficient lighting with T8 fluorescents, LEDs, and reflectors facility wide, resulting in a $50 savings on their bill each month. So we were helping our community and saving money #businessgoals.

Upon completing a waste assessment with Sustainable Works, and determining that food waste comprised of 75% of our output, we implemented an Organics program through Santa Monica’s R3 division to turn our food waste into commercial compost. We also politely decline disposable plastic ware when ordering food deliveries and stock our kitchen with reusable cutlery and flatware.

To show our love for conserving Santa Monica water (especially since our HQ is in Silicon Beach), we retrofitted our staff kitchen with a new faucet and sink, replacing an older one that developed a small leak. A GE Energy Smart dishwasher that cleans with minimal energy and water. Like all invoices, at Campos, we review our water bill for accuracy and any red flags regarding unusual high usage. After receiving a free City of Santa Monica Sustainable Landscaping assessment with Water Efficiency experts, Campos Creative Works shut off the irrigation system set to water 4 days per week. To do our part for water conservation as employees, we water the landscaped area by hand once per week and are happy to report the plants are doing fine with less water!

A huge thank you to Sustainable Works and the City of Santa Monica for walking us through every step and helping us achieve our goals while giving back to our community. We would also like to take this moment and tell Kermit that being green is SO EASY and so rewarding when you are saving the environment (cape optional).

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